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Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam (BRPNN) was incorporated as Govt. Company on 11th June, 1975 under the Indian Company Act, 1956.
Its main objectives are -

  • Construction/Execution of Bridges/Roads
  • Maintenance/Management of Bridges/Roads
  • To be a socially responsible company, promoting sustained growth for the society/community at large through its CSR initiatives & semices.

BRPNNL is a public company having share capital of Rs. 500 Lakhs pledged in the name of Governor of Bihar. Subject to the control and supervision of the Board of Directors (Nominated by state Government) Chairman/MD is responsible for the implementation of the objectives of the Nigam, proper conduct of its business and due absence of the promises of the companies Act, as well as of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Nigam.

Bridges were constructed departmentally by the Nigam on the basis of current Schedule of Rates (SoR) sanctioned for Works Department. As the work is done departmentally, cost incurred is less as compared to work done by contractors. But now a days the bridges are construed on tender basis.

Completed projects (Including Mukhya Mantri Setu Nirman Yojna)

Details are as under:

Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam Limited was started as a government of Bihar undertaking in 1975, under the Companies Act 1956. It was mandated to mainly construct bridges and roads.

The passage of time saw a lot of changes in the company and the work it undertook. It went through a lot of upheaval’s during this period to the extent that it was facing closure. Progressive outlook and changed scenario saw change in organisations approach, BRPNNL now undertakes a gamut of civil engineering projects like building, irrigation projects, sports complex, medical colleges, etc.

The underlying principle of the organization in all its activities is timely completion of projects and with quality. Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam Limited had its own share of travails but it has overcome all to become a flagship organization of the government.

BRPNNL started as an organisation which undertook projects of roads and bridge construction. The passage of time saw a major slide in the fortunes of the company. The organization did not perform well and went under liquidation, the matter was at that point in time pending in the court. 2005 can be called the landmark year as the incumbent government took a decision to revive the organization. Revival meant a consolidated plan looking at all aspects. The government decided to provide major thrust to communication by building a large number of bridges and roads in the entire state. This required quick turnaround and accelerated implementation. Bihar Rajya Pul Nirman Nigam Limited was entrusted with the implementation. A system of “centage” (i.e. %age of the project cost was to be paid to the organisation for implementation of the project) was announced by the government on the work awarded to the corporation and a new flagship project Mukhyamantri Setu Nirman Yojana (MMSNY) was started.

The strategy for the turnaround was divided into two phases. The first part was completion of pending projects and simultaneous construction of newer projects under the flagship scheme MMSNY and other state schemes. There were projects which were pending for almost 30 years or more and under MMSNY and other schemes there were a large number of new projects which were to be constructed.

The turnaround story is like a fairy tale of how the organization from a floundering background turning into a profit making organisation. BRPNNL, which was straddled with a loss of Rs.17 Crores when it was put under liquidation and the petition of liquidation was in the Hon’ble Court.

There were reasons aplenty for the nose dive the organisation took in it

  • Too much Non-Plan expenditure
  • Budget Constraints with no money forthcoming from government
  • Fewer projects to handle
  • Tardy execution – slow work pace
  • Poor commercial profitability
  • Too much Non-Plan expenditure
  • Too much Non-Plan expenditure
  • Too much Non-Plan expenditure

BRPNNL received a fresh lease of life by way of fixation of “Centage” charge for every work which the Corporation executed. “Centage” Charges meant that BRPNNL got a fixed % age of money in form of service charge for the work done by them.

This two pronged strategy adopted by BRPNNL – to complete all pending bridges and to bag new work order worked wonders. As many as fifteen major bridges which were under construction for 15 years or more at the time were completed and work on newer projects started in right earnest.

Another strategy that gave positive results was selection of right person selected for the right place and creation of a few new work divisions without any extra burden on the establishment cost.

The fact that makes this turnaround even more noticeable is that BRPNN is a state-run organization. Entrusted with the task of 'building bridges of confidence' or “hum viswas ke setu banate hain”, a tag line that truly sum up its success.

The turnaround of the corporation can be majorly attributed to several innovations –
  • There was a shift from deposit work basis to contract work
  • Upgradation of infrastructure and outsourcing of technologies
  • Adoption of Project Management Mode
  • Simplified registration of contractors
  • Improvement of quality control laboratory
  • Computer-aided designing and digitisation of designs
  • Process of e-tendering
  • Wi-Fi connectivity in the headquarters to just name a few.

Any plan fails if there is lack of commitment with a dispirited workforce. In the end it was the resolve of the employees, the “we feeling” inculcated through better working conditions that did the trick. Conducive work environment was created for the employees coupled with facilities that were needed by them for better functioning.

There was break-neck speed of activity and the floundering organisation revived its fortune by completing bridges in large numbers. If numbers are any indication of success, then the Hon’ble Chief Minister inaugurated the completion of more than 400 bridges in one day.

Once BRPNNL proved its worthiness, as an important cog in the development process of the state, BRPNN was offered uncharted challenges in terms of projects. This was another feature that helped the organisation to diversify and gain foothold in the competitive infrastructure market. The fact that these projects were also completed within time and with quality was a feather in the cap for BRPNNL.

Currently, BRPNNL stands first among equals and the road that it is treading on is far and ahead and there is no looking back only reaching for newer beacons of success.

BRPNNL has diversified into hitherto uncharted domains for the organisation. The only guiding mantra being, timely project completion and with quality. This provided the confidence and spirit to undertake a wide spectrum of projects from roads onwards to buildings (Flood Shelters, Medical Colleges, Hostels, Convention Center), Parks, Public Conveniences, Irrigation Structures, Interior Fabrication, Sports infrastructure to Event Management. The plethora of activities it has added to its portfolio has given stability to the organisation. It has also helped it in undertaking challenging projects.

The success achieved by the organization in Bihar, has spurred the organization. Efforts are on to expand scope of operations beyond Bihar. Further the aim is to achieve expeditious growth through large, high value projects, use state of the art construction technology. For this purpose technical support from professional consultants is being taken. BRPNNL is also looking for strategic partners, consultants, contractors, experts in Bridges and Infrastructure Development so that it can develop symbiotic relationship.

Furthermore the efforts are on for reduction in the construction time period so that there are no cost overruns and there is improvement in profitability. There are provisions of incentives for early completion of projects by the contractor. Hence this provides impetus to the contractors to complete projects on time.

BRPNNL has also signed an MOU with FITT/IIT, Delhi for providing SBTI & GSUI based traffic solutions, which is an innovative traffic management system which entails construction of smaller and lesser number of humungous structures to ease traffic in busy city areas.

The Corporate Social Responsibility activities by the organization has touched lives of people in Bihar. BRPNNL has contributed a sum of Rs.135 crores to the CM's Relief Fund for various catastrophe regularly faced by people of the state. Further it has adopted ten orphan girls for their study up to the senior level. It has silently been extending a helping hand towards any fair cause that comes to its notice.